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Nexus 4 Aluminum Cases(Thanks Kwame for the heads up!)

After quite a wait, it appears that the first metal case for the Nexus 4 has arrived, and it’s an aluminum Nexus 4 case called the Kommandant, and it’s available on Casefanatic in quite a few different color combinations.

Aluminum is a very solid material for being as lightweight as it is, and it’s also considered to be one of the most premium materials available for any sort of protective case.  With this particular case, the exterior has a powdered coating on it, which is going to make it a little more durable and less susceptible to scratches and scuffs.  Usually, this is for the anodizing process which can also add color, and in the Kommandant’s case, there’s nine different color combinations to choose from, including silver, red, and black.

Aluminum is a hard material, so it can definitely scratch your phone.  With this case, the designers thought about this fact and lined the interior with a soft lining.  They’ve also added a little bit of reinforcement to each of the case’s four interior corners which will help defend against screen shatters stemming from the corners which is extremely common.

Nexus 4 Aluminum Cases

There are several precision cutouts over the essential components of the Nexus 4, with the sole negligence being with the micro SIM tray, but this is common if not unanimous across any Nexus 4 cases since you won’t need to be opening it up very often if at all.  The front lip also protrudes out very slightly, which allows you to place your device face down without it making direct contact with the surface upon which it sits.  If you do decide to apply a screen protector, it’ll be flush with the front lip.

Seeing as this is a metal case, it can possibly interfere with your GPS radio; so if you make heavy use of GPS this may not be a suitable case!  Casefanatic was able to make sure that WiFi and 3G are unaffected by the metal, so you won’t have to worry about data speeds or reception degrading when encased. 

For a metal case, this is a pretty good price.  Any metal case will interfere with GPS, so don’t count on it working while in this case.  If you drop your phone in this case, it’s going to be very well protected because of the aluminum and the interior cushioning.

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