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One of the most common inquiries we get on our website is questions regarding an OtterBox for the Nexus 4.  I’ve honestly never seen a user-base so adamant on giving a company its money and it refusing to make a product.  Of course, refusing to make a product means customer service issuing vague responses as to not entirely alienate their potential Nexus 4 owning consumers and keep them from buying something in the meantime.

A lot of people don’t know that other companies make very good rugged cases for all kinds of phones, not just the phones that a huge marketing team has designated as profitable and worthwhile for mass production.

So, let’s go over the cases that you can get right now to protect your Nexus 4:

Amzer Shellster


Amzer Shellster Nexus 4 Cases


The Amzer Shellster cases come in both black and white, and included a holster with belt clip.  These cases are one of the best ratios of thinness and protection and the quality of the plastic is exceptionally good.  They have good grip and when they’re holstered, your Nexus 4 will be completely encased.


Rugged Combo Case

Black Rugged Nexus 4 Case


This is probably the most heavy-duty case out now for the Nexus 4.  It comes in a lot of different colors and has a holster/kickstand combo that the whole phone with case fits into.  There are little port covers for all the jacks and charging port that will keep dirt and grime from getting in there too.  It’s really thick, but its protection is second-to-none currently.


Double Layer Hard Case with Kickstand

Nexus 4 Double Layer Hard Case


This case from Eagle is a very heavy duty case that resembles the Defender Series from OtterBox and includes a built-in kickstand.  The rubber used is very thick and it encases the hard plastic shell that goes aroudn the phone itself.  The screen is left open, however, which is the main difference between this and a Defender Series.


Ionic Guardian and Exact Armor Cases

Ionic Guardian Armor Case for Nexus 4


These two cases are very similar and created from the same mold.  These are hybrid cases that consist of TPU and plastic with thick corners to protect from drops.  They’re available in a wide array of colors and offer very good drop protection at the expense of a little bulk.


Rugged Nexus 4 Pouch

Nexus 4 Rugged Pouch


While not a case, this is a very rugged pouch you can keep your Nexus in.  It has a reinforced belt clip and extremely padded exterior.  It’s also made from a very heavy duty neoprene material that will hold up over time.  These aren’t for everyone, but if you don’t like a case on your phone and still want protection, this is a sure thing.


Coming Soon: Ballistic Shell Gel for Nexus 4


Nexus 4 Ballistic Shell Gel Case


After first deciding they weren’t making cases for the Nexus 4, they changed course after the customers steadily requested and complied.  Due for release sometime this month, the Ballistic SG case is a high quality TPU kept rigid with an additional plastic shell that goes around it.  Ballistic is probably the most known brand to get into the Nexus 4 case market, and a lot of people are excited.


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    I like the KaysCase ArmorBox.

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