Nexus 4 Windshield Car Mount

Nexus 4 Windshield Car Mount

Here’s a great solution if you’re looking for a custom windshield mount for your Nexus 4 that has the proper cutouts for the rear speaker and camera.  It mounts to your windshield via a heavy-duty suction cup and holds your Nexus 4 very securely.

This would be a great solution to set up your Nexus 4 as a dash-cam, among many other things.  The flexible arm gives you complete control over how you want your Nexus 4 to be set.  You can angle it toward you, or angle the back out the windshield for recording, or you can even bend it down lower.  Other uses for a car dock such as this is for using your Navigation or having easy access to control your music while driving without having to take your eyes off the road.  You can also tilt it in either the portrait or landscape orientations, depending on how you need it.

Nexus 4 Windshield Car Mount

They’ve also designed a great anti-shock and vibration system that will work hard to prevent your Nexus 4 from being shaken too much, which will drastically increase the smoothness of any video you decide to record while mounted.  Because they opted to use the heavy-duty suction cup, you also won’t have to worry about applying and cleaning up any adhesive solution when you remove or change the mounts position in your car.  When you get out, there’s a little latch release you can push on to easily release your Nexus.  Clicking it back into place is just as easy, if not easier.

The only downside to this mount is that it won’t adjust to support your Nexus 4 if it has a case on it.  If you have an invisibleSHIELD, however, you should be fine.

Go get yours today!

Nexus 4 Windshield Car Mount Nexus 4 Windshield Car Mount Nexus 4 Windshield Car Mount

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