The Coolest Nexus 4 Accessories… So Far

We all know there’s a ton of cases available for the Nexus 4, but the features that have been put in the device allow for a lot of cool accessories to be utilized for extra features.  Here are some accessories we’ve gathered to unlock some cool capabilities in your Nexus 4.


Panasonic Qi Charger
Panasonic Qi Wireless Charger

The Panasonic Qi Wireless Charger is definitely the coolest charger available for the Nexus 4.  It’s imported from Japan, so its availability in the U.S. is kind of exclusive and limited.  The killer feature of this device is the ability to lock on to your phone no matter where you place it on the map.  The ring of LED’s you see is the actual charger moving around the pad.  More Details…


SlimPort HDMI Adapter
SlimPort HDMI Adapter

With this SlimPort cable, you can use your own HDMI cable to plug into any HDMI-capable device.  It will output Full HD and comply with the HDMI 1.4 spec.  This is a great buy for utilizing your Nexus as a media device.  More Details…

Nexus 4 Dock
Nexus 4 Charging Dock

While not an official dock, it does work perfectly with the Nexus 4.  The cool thing about this dock is how well it fits without a case, and with a very thin case on it.  If you don’t wish to wait for the Wireless Charging Orb that’s coming on the horizon, you can definitely grab one of these in the meantime.  More Details…


NFC Tags
NFC Tags

NFC allows you to do a lot of cool stuff with your phone.  If you get an app like Tasker, you can automate a lot of settings with a simple scan.  Imagine putting one of these on your car’s dashboard, and upon hovering over it you change it so that your screen stays on, Bluetooth enabled, WiFi off, ringtone loudest, etc.  The possibilities with NFC are plentiful.  These ones have been tested with the Nexus 4.

Know of any other cool accessories we may have missed?  Let us know for next time!

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