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The last time we gathered up a collection of all the rugged cases available for the Nexus 4 was over a month ago.  Since then, it’s become obvious that OtterBox will not be releasing any sort of case for the Nexus 4.  Fortunately, a ton of other case companies have stepped up to the plate and heeded the demand.  We’ve done our best to consolidate most of them into this article with links allowing you to gather more information to make your final decision.

If you’ve been waiting for an OtterBox, it’s time to stop waiting because it’s not coming.  Some other case manufacturers want you to check out what they’ve been working on though:

Seidio Convert Case with Holster
Seidio Convert Case for Nexus 4

Out of all the rugged cases, this one from Seidio definitely tops the list.  This is the Seidio Convert, which is definitely the most layered and functional.  You get a holster, screen protector, and 3 layers of protection, including a hard shell, thick silicone rubber, and exo-skeleton.  It’s not submersible, but there’s not much else that can happen to your Nexus 4 in this case.  Read More…


Seidio Active Case
Seidio ACTIVE Case for Nexus 4


Here is the other rugged case from Seidio, offering you similar protection but without the hard shell layer of protection.  Instead, you get the rigid exo-skeleton and the thick rubber.  The metal kickstand functionality is built in to the plastic with this case.  While not as rugged, it is definitely thinner and lighter.  If you don’t need something super heavy duty, this would be an excellent compromise.  Read More… 

Ballistic Shell Gel SG Case
Nexus 4 Ballistic SG Case


Ballistic, who at first said they were not making a Nexus 4 case, ended up making one after all and it has been one of the most popular cases without a doubt.  Ballistic has made a great name for itself with its cases that tout “drop protection,” and they do an admirable job.  Ballistic beefs up the corners on their hybrid cases to prevent most screen damage from happening, and the quality and thickness of the materials is great.  The silicone is extremely thick and it’s not difficult at all to remove and replace your Nexus 4.  I believe there’s a few colors available now too.  Read More…

Mybat TUFF Case
Nexus 4 Reinforced TUFF Case


This is definitely my sleeper pick for an excellent rugged case.  I happened upon this case by chance while surfing the web one day, and was taken aback by how rugged it really was for the low price.  It’s a thick silicone hybrid case with a plastic shell that snaps around the silicone.  I have never seen that before, and it actually works in the opposite way that the Defender Series OtterBox’s do, which have a silicone gel go around the hard plastic case. No built-in screen protector though!  Read More…

KaysCase ArmorBox / JKase Diablo Series
KaysCase ArmorBox Nexus 4 Case


This is actually a reference design case used by a few distributors, including JKase and KaysCase, which we’ve covered here extensively.  This case is very similar to the Seidio Active case, except the kickstand is plastic.  This is definitely the cheapest solution for going with a rugged case, and the protection is decent for drops and minimal impacts.  It’s got an interesting pixelated design on the back as well for grip.  There’s several colors available from both companies, so see which one’s you’d prefer: KaysCase ArmorBox Details or JKase Diablo Series Details…

Waterproof Nexus 4 Pouch
DandyCase Waterproof Nexus 4 Case


I decided to add this to the list at the end since it’s the only submersible case that I’m aware of that the Nexus 4 will work in.  It’s not rugged in the sense that you can drop it, throw it, or smash it with a bat, so do not do that.  This is a case that’s useful for keeping your Nexus 4 safe at the beach or at the pool.  The clear plastic will still allow you to use the touchscreen and let the camera take pictures as well.  There’s also a lanyard attached.  Read More…

For a list of other rugged Nexus 4 cases, check out our article on Nexus 4 OtterBox Alternatives here.

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